Innovation Center

Indonesia's first and largest Innovation center specializing in 3D creation, Robotics and STEM labs

Innovation center is a combination of learning center, makerspace and activity area complete with the latest tools and equipment..

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Empower students to design, collaborate, and create amazing things you never thought possible with 3D design, printing , robotics, programming, electronics, and STEM curriculum in the Classroom.

We Proudly work with MakerBot Education for the best in 3D Printing Education.

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Tools & Products

We have selections of the best tools to help the education process, from 3D printer, 3D scanner, educational robot kit, programmable building block, electronic kit to STEM blocks.

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Learning by Making


Today’s students will enter a job market that values different skills than their parents and teachers learned. 3D Printing goes hand-in-hand with teaching strategies that develop the most in-demand skills for science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) fields.

To prepare students for STEAM careers that value critical thinking over procedure and recall, educators are embracing teaching strategies like Project-Based Learning that require sustained engagement.

3D Printings bring students' work to life, building excitement and momentum behind any design project. A quick turn from idea to prototype keeps students engaged. And it gives them time to explore more ideas, analyze problems in-depth, and develop the persistence they'll need to excel in today’s fastest-growing and most rewarding fields.

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