Inspira.Academy’s Curriculum

The technology and fun class that we have focused on curriculum which intends to students become Creator and Inventor.

Our concentration of technology stay focusing on the up-to-date advanced ones, especially in the fields of :

  • 3D-Creation™ (design & printing)
  • Robotics (building & programming)
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)

3D-Creation™ class enables the students or beginners to materialize their own thoughts and ideas by creating it into day-to-day things (stuffs) and pleasures (toys). Especially for older or more advanced students, we have classes to create functional and movable 3D objects. Are you the ones who interested in creating by 3D Print, Robotics, MP3 BoomBox, or Quad-copter? Of course with a pleasure, we’ll be ready to guide you in our classes and workshop. Make your own creations with us!


Robotics class would be great to inspire students and able to evolve the interests of technology, automation, and programming. We have a variety of classes which are from simple robot buildings to more complicated programmable humanoids. In our multi-disciplined class/workshop, the students also create their own programmable rover based on Inspira.Tech Arduino™ compatible board with 3D-printed body and parts.


STEAM is the important one, for it pervades each aspect of our lives. STEAM is young generations’ future; the technological age in which they live, the best career options they can get, and the key to make young generation wiser, cost effective decisions through prototyping. Our classes introduce and provoke students’ interest into these core disciplines. We have tools to enable students to visualize and experiment further. Limitless Innovations, Endless Possibilities.