Top-5 of 3D Creations to please your people on Valentine’s Day

If you want to give something impressive to express the love on Valentine’s Day, perhaps 3D Creation will be a wonderfully memorable gift. It’s because when you decide to give a gift made out with 3D printing way, you will find many good ideas about what you want to give. According to, here there are the Top 5 of the 3D Creation things for Valentine’s Day. Let’s take a look!

1. 3D Printed Chocolate Molds

This one could be the most favorite idea to be a gift for kids, especially for girls. It can be said that chocolate will always be the best Valentine gift. This 3D printed chocolate molds is different than usual. The difference is this chocolate ain’t edible or cannot be consumed because it’s made just to be an ornament. Yet, this 3D printed chocolate keep being an unique gift, right? An example of 3D printed chocolate molds has ever been made by maker in Thingiverse known as [akaziuna].

2. 3D Printed Flower Vases

Makers who are often searching for the best ideas and resources to look for an inspiration will know that platforms like Thingiverse have no shortage of options for 3D printed vases. It is advisable for you to look at some vases on Thingiverse to see what options are there. One of the 3D printed flower vases that has a heart shape has already been posted by [VECTARY]. That 3D printed vase is to describe how beautiful human heart is, so that it will be a special gift as well. Heart usually refers to love and Valentine is a special day to show love each other. Three flower stalks can also be added in that vase and then ready to be a gift for the loved ones.

3. 3D Printed Flowers

If you need flowers to put in the 3D print vases, and you want to give the best fresh-waterproof flowers, the 3D printed flower can be the solution. As it already shows, it will be more durable, good looking, and also waterproof. One of the 3D printed flower examples is made by [EDGEdesign]. The flowers look beautiful and stand alone in the vase, but can also be added as you wish by other 3D print flowers in a bouquet of any colors.

4. Valentine’s Day 3D Printed Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner is one of the most popular toys nowadays. It is definitely able to be made out with 3D printing technique. There have been many people think that this 3D printed toy can be the good idea to be a gift on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has always been identic with chocolates and flowers but many people just already decided that giving a heart-shaped fidget spinner is also not less special. The example of a heart-shaped fidget spinner, that is designed by [Lucina], tells the truth.

5. 3D Printed Necklace

Last but not least, 3D printed necklace. A necklace is the very classic Valentine gift but never looks boring. It will be more unique if they know the truth that it is actually made out with 3D printing way. The picture above is an example of 3D printed necklace made by one of the Thingiverse makers. This necklace could be a good idea that inspires you to make it look even more special as well.


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