The Ways To 3D-Print

MakerBot book, named MakerBot In The Classroom: An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design, is written for 3D printing education. The MakerBot book have become the Inspira Academy references to teach in the classroom. Inspira Academy does not only refer to STEAM curriculum to lead the students about 3D Creation and Robotics, but the academy also refers to MakerBot Educators Guidebook. The students, who are usually learning 3D Creation in Inspira Academy, will do 3D Print to process their design into something real through 3D Printing. According to MakerBot Educators Guidebook, there are three ways to 3D-print, yet Inspira Academy decides to explain two ways foremost which are Scan and Design.


3D scanning is an interesting way of 3D Printing. This way is the fast one to print the 3D Creation’s students. By scanning the existing object, 3D Scan will be able to build the same object that they have already scanned. It means that 3D Scan is able to obtain a 3D model without software that usually helps the students to make their 3D Design. In addition to that sentence, it has also the same meaning if I said that once the students have scanned the object, they can print it directly. 3D Scan usually provides the tools that can change its size and details. According to MakerBot book, the 3D Scan is the one which is able to optimize the manufacturing of your 3D Print if you have the Digitizer. Just click here if the you want to see the example of 3D Scan.


This one is the important thing to be learned by the students of Inspira Academy. As the students have known, Inspira Academy makes a design become the best way to understand more about 3D Creation. In the classroom, learning how to 3D print is the same as having a good grip of how to its design. There are another optional programs that can be chosen to help the students to build the 3D model. Depending on what kinds of ways the students want to choose, they might need to learn one kind of many programs, such as this way. Each 3D software is known as the ones that have its own unique strengths, so Inspira Academy will make the students sure that they can try as many software programs as they want.