Innovation Center of Inspira.Academy is able to be called as makerspace completed with our grand tools and whole facilities where the purpose is to practice the creativity and produce creations that creators and innovators have. This place is usually also to measure how far you have already known about this field. In addition, we have Innovation Center to distribute all the creations as many as the creators and innovators need. The kinds of tools that we provide are:
– 3D Printer Lab, 3D Scanner, and Industrial 3D Printer
– Educational of Robot
– Electronic tools
– Classroom and Workshop Room

You can get another choice for learning or training sort of the short class. Also, we routinely organize the Workshop in every week which our aim is to increase the experience and the knowledge of 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, and educational of Robot in Indonesia.

Visit our Innovation Center at Mall of Indonesia, 2nd Floor unit C5,6. Jakarta. (Click here for google maps link)

Inspira Academy Innovation Center – Mall of Indonesia