New Carnegie Mellon Design Tool for Robotics

It is a widely known fact that creating a robot is on everyone’s bucket list. Yet, most people unfortunately do not know how to create a robot. For some people, it is too tricky to be learned. Only those who are competent with robotics can catch it. That is the reason that tech specialists from Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, just promoted an interactive design tool that can also be used by novice to make the robots.

Carnegie Mellon’s Tech Specialists have evolved new design tool that make robotics look easier to be learned. The users create the robots using 3D printed components  and ready actuators. It will direct to create the customized legged or wheeled robots. New users are even able to create it. They are provided with drag-and-drop interface which can be chosen from a robotic components library. All components should be suitable with each other because the tool suggests it. That points out where the actuators should work. For all of the components that are automatically generated by 3D printer, is expected to connect those actuators. A simulation environment is presented by the tool to operate the robots before creating it. The aim is to see preview of robots will move, function, and work in the real world.

Stelian Coros as the assistant professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon, along with his team tried to create the walking and wheeling robots. By using the tools, they created the wheeled robot with a manipulator arm which was able to hold a pen for drawing. The legged robot resembled a puppy which could walk with his legs.

Inspira.Academy in Indonesia has the similar tools to make everyone more interested in robotics. This institute provides the technology of 3D printing and robotics tools. Inspira.Academy is not only compatible with the expert ones. Novice or new users can also join here. The tool may also be easier to understand, because kids can even follow the learning. Inspira.Academy makes the simpler system to experiment with the robots and the technology of 3D printing. As one of the Inspira.Academy aims is to teach students how to create the components of robots made by 3D printer.

The other aim is the same as Carnegie Mellon’s desire. Inspira.Academy wants to make robotics and 3D printing more reachable to many people. Some robots already demonstrate themselves as the friendly and handy stuff. It is also important to know that playing actively with robotic tools get more likely to have a higher quality interactions and positive feelings. Thus, like Benedict said, “Given the evidence[s], why wouldn’t you want one?”




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