Introduction to 3D Scanner

3D scanner is often used for 3D data acquisition, reverse engineering, and data archiving. 3D Scanner is usually used in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, artwork archival, animation, and even human body acquisition. The 3D scanner is technology to capture the shape of 3D object. It can be said that this technology has the similar trait with cameras. The difference is 3D scanner will obtain three dimensional data, yet most cameras are only capturing the models into 2D. Scanning has multi-step process. First step is creating 3D point cloud/mesh and the next step is reconstruction which creates 3D model of scanned object. The 3D scanner explores the object’s surface to produce the 3D model.

EinScan is a new type of Shining3D Scanner that creates 3D model of scanned object. This scanner is easy to access a high-quality 3D data. EinScan also provides high quality data sources for 3D Printing. Shining3D got many positive feedbacks after they have released EinScan S. EinScan are the scanners with four generations which the series are Einscan S, Einscan Pro, EinScan Pro+, EinScan SE/SP.  As many users are professional, Shining3D needs to improve and increase the EinScan competence from year to year. The professionals need 3D Scanner to be more functional and sometimes they want it to be editable in software. Hence Shining3D makes the EinScan Pro and EinScan Pro+ look more effective because both of the scanners are handheld. There are four versatile scanning modes that are Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Automatic Scan, and Fixed Scan. The object size of Einscan can be from 30mm up to 4 meters.

The EinScan Pro Series are multi-functional handheld 3D scanners. EinScan-Pro is one of the newest 3D Scanner generations. Shining3D has released the EinScan-Pro with some unique characters. The EinScan-Pro is a portable handheld 3D Scanner that has high accuracy of physical objects. It is able to be utilized for consumer and commercial applications to 3D data acquisition. This 3D Scanner is particularly useful in artworks, design, testing, animation, and even human form.


Nowadays there have been many educational institutions using the 3D scanner. It will be difficult for both the student and the teacher that learn about sciences without physical objects in classroom. 3D scanner makes them more possible to get it because this technology is able to scan any physical objects and the learning will be easier and more fun for students. Therefore, the students study cross-sections of the heart or other organs without having to raise the scalpel. 3D visualization or 3D printing proves that it turns out to be very helpful in biology/sciences.

Inspira Academy has been open at MOI 2nd floor for anyone who want to learn about 3D Creation. Inspira Academy will provide 3D scanner learning into the further 3D Creation for the expert students. Some eases of using EinScan make Inspira Academy decide to utilize it as new learning material. Inspira Academy is also called as the Innovation Center of 3D printing in Indonesia because you will develop your creativity to make something innovative here. For those who have interest in Robotics, Inspira Academy will never be a wrong place, Robo-taku. We are able to have fun assembling robot while scanning that you want with 3D Scanner.


Inspired by: Shining3D’s presentation

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