KarBot Kit

Smart Robots. Smarter Kids.

KarBot Kit

Interactive Robotic Building Block System

KarBot Kit is an interactive building block robotics kit that empowers children/teenagers to create and program their own robots.

Along the way, they engage in powerful hands-on learning in STEM and gain 21st-century skills and mindsets.

  • Built-in App module for “dynamic drawings”, giving step by step illustrations of every part. The App has detailed building procedures so children will find it easier to learn the robot construction techniques.
  • The high-torque servos create fluid and precise movement.
  • Create your unique Robot manually. Connect it to your Bluetooth or phone to program and control its movements.
  • The pieces snap together by hand, no tools required. It’s easy to use for children and teenagers.
  • The Jimu software is open sourced that enables players to share their creations all over the world through Jimu community.
  • Jimu Robots are made of  environmentally friendly materials that are durable and safe for children.
  • Interlocking Parts : 293

  • Servo Motors : 3

  • Control Box : 1

  • Power Adapter : 1

  • Lithium Battery

  • Material : PC plastic

  • Supply Voltage : DC6.8V-DC9.6V (Typical Rating: 7.4V)

  • Operating Current : 1A-2A

  • Battery Capacity : 1200mAh

  • Connection : Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 BLE+EDR

  • Servo Specs :

  • (1) Torque output 4kg.cm  (2) Speed 0.1S/60°”

  • Operating Temperature : -5°C-60°C

  • Compatible System : Support Android 4.0.3 version and above; IOS7.0 version and above