Inspira Academy RISE 2018 press release

RISE 2018, Hong Kong, July 9th, 2018.


Inspira Academy introduced their latest and innovative education ecosystem combining 3D design-and-print, robotics, electronics, coding and STEAM.

With 3D printers now become affordable, many schools try to adapt 3D design-and-print into their curriculum. To accelerate and ease this process, Inspira Academy developed several modules for classroom teaching as well as online learning. What’s unique about these modules, they are not just 3D design-and-print like typically available modules; but they are combined with other products or subjects such as electronics, robotics, and programming for microcontroller and android.

At RISE conference 2018 Inspira Academy will showcase several of their products, these include digital music player encased in student created 3D printed enclosure.
An Inspira “Rover.One” demonstrate the ultimate combination of 3D design-and-print of robotics rover platform with Inspira developed all-in-one Arduino compatible controller for complete learning of robot design with Arduino and Android programing. Other learning modules also available such as mini desk lamp, digital voice recorder, and rover with ultrasonic ranger turret.

Inspira Academy plan to release these modules and kits in Indonesia and later internationally.

In 2019 Inspira plan to introduce Inspira Factory, an online print service for educator and students who do not own 3D printer or just prefer to use industrial 3D printer for their creation. These print service is free with some of their class modules or priced much lower compare to similar commercial print service.