HEXATOPE: design your own 3D printed pendant in silver or gold

People nowadays turn out to be increasingly excited to 3D Printing. In this new generation, 3D Printing becomes increasingly popular. Especially for jewelry maniac, jewelry maker in London just designed the silver and gold pendants using the technology of 3D Printing. A new app that is used by the jewelry maker to experiment, develop, and design their own pendant necklace, Hexatope. The Hexatope is the application that lets the users can directly print the 3D model of pendant into the pure silver and 18-carat gold plating.

According to Julia’s article, “Spearheaded by UK designer Charlotte Dann, Hexatope straddles technological innovation and artisan craftsmanship: designs created on the interactive self-guided app are hand-produced by Dann in her East London studio.” (Julia, 2017)

Dann as the spearhead of Hexatope says that this new app is able to make anyone center of the design process. “You have complete control over your pieces, making for a truly personal experience.” Julia added a sentence in her article where she said that the basic idea is simple yet clever: Dann wants to give clients more control over the look and feel of their jewelry, adding a personalized, creative edge to the process. (Julia, 2017)

As Julia explained in her article that Dann decided to take the benefits of programming to design and create real-life, tangible objects, which then get brought to life through 3D printing and traditional metalwork. Perhaps, Dann wants to prove that the creative space between art and coding seemed a perfect collaboration. For it really helps her to design the pendant necklace. It was started from she undertook a Masters in Computational Arts, “I was experimenting with using the framework of a hexagonal grid to generate art with code, and soon realized that the project integrated very well with jewelry design,” Dann said.

In this case, the technologies along with its application such as Hexatope have proven that 3D Printing is able to participate into arts. This can be an inspiring example for young innovators more and more, so that it is able to motivate them make innovation. If Dann had done her innovation, why wouldn’t you want to make one?



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