We are currently working on our e-Learning modules. These classes should be available Q3 of 2018.

Preview of what we are working on:

Mini classes:

  • Intro : 3D Creation (3D design & print), Robotics, STEM
  • 3D-creations : Create fun toys, tools or just fun stuffs, learn 3D design and 3D printing
  • Robotics : Learn about Robotics using several of our Robot modules, including Inspira original Arduino compatible boards.

Our innovative and multi-discipline classes:

  • Inventor : Learn to create more complex things, from beginning to end. For example in our Inspira-Rover class, students learn to create Rover with 3D software, print the parts using our desktop 3D printer or our advance Inspira Digital Factory*. Students also learn to program Inspira robot controller board (an Arduino compatible board) and finally to tie them all, android programming.

*Inspira Digital Factory is our latest project allowing students to 3D print using advanced Industrial 3D printers, these printers are very flexible and powerful and very expensive (more than half million dollars each!). But ultimately it can create very nice and low cost prints. We are honored to work with klix3d.com for this complex project. They support our education vision and project


Learning Materials


Inspira e-Learning beta site