Easter Day Celebration

Happy Easter for those who celebrate! The hobbyists already knew that since last year, 3D printing has been contributing to Easter Day by creating the 3D printed Easter eggs. However, there are some new designs of 3D printed Ester eggs in 2018 which are featured by [Antonin Nosek] on Thingiverse. He makes some 3D printed Easter eggs that look so black with different patterns that make them very impressive. 3ders.org just provided some references on their website to be inspiration about Easter Day and here’s the new one!

According to 3ders.org, where Tess (2018) just wrote there and said that the 3D printed Easter eggs by Antonin Nosek have twelve (12) different models. Each of the models is distinguished by a popular 3D printing aesthetic. On Thingiverse, he also gives some details how to print it. He suggests that we need to see print instructions first. We must set up the infill and resolution before printing. The infill must be 15% and the resolution must be 0.2mm. Anyone who really wants to print the same like Antonin Nosek’s Easter eggs should not worry because there is a link that relates you to it. That will bring you to Thingiverse website and voila! You can download and print 3D models of the same Easter eggs. You can check the STL files equipped with the instructions of creating the 3D printed Easter eggs right here.

If you want to see Top 10 3D prints for Easter Day, just click here. Should you try to download and print the 3D printed Easter eggs by Antonin Nosek on Thingiverse, maybe after that, you will get an inspiration and make your own design. For anyone wants to learn about 3D Creation (3D Design&Printing) and Robotics based on STEAM in Jakarta, just visit our institution (the address is on this web page below). The basic learners are very welcome 🙂



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