Download: Another Approach of 3D Creation

There is the third approach of 3D Creation which is Download. Download is the other way to 3D-print. In the previous post, Inspira Academy has already had a talk about the first and second approaches which are Scan and Design, so for now Inspira will let you know about this one. By now, download is the one that the students love to make 3D Creation.


Downloading is the easier one to get started learning 3D Creation. Many websites, such as Thingiverse, provide the 3D models that are ready to be printed by the creators. If you are looking for an inspiration, MakerBot suggests that you can find a designer you like and explore the downloaded-models as much as possible. Those ways are what make your design successfully. Inspira Academy also suggests you to improve and modify the download files into your own designs.

According to MakerBot In The Classroom, “download is tapping into ever expanding 3D printing communities such as Thingiverse or GrabCAD to access completely free files. Resources like this are an amazing place for inspiration[.]”

MakerBot In The Classroom has also written the conclusion of this approach that is the creators and the students need to know

“The most important thing to remember when getting started with 3D [Creation] is to take the first step. It doesn’t matter if that step is to Download and print a model from Thingiverse, Scan and print your favorite [models], or Design and print your own dream [things]. There are many options available. Choose one and dive in!”


Source: MakerBot In The Classroom “An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design”