Disciplines of Inspira Academy

Development of technologies is progressing so fast nowadays, include the 3D Creation. Some big things have been succeed created using this technology. All young innovators, which will be the next generation to advance the country, should be introduced to 3D Creation. The reason that young innovators are allowed to the 3D Creation is because it becomes one of many technologies that is simple enough to understand. It possess great potential as a special lesson for young innovators as they are excited to apply new technology. Perhaps, it is also because this technology facilitates them to print their images into finished form (3D) without having to wait long or with the same complicated process as a paper printer in general.

Inspira.Academy attends to contribute in education progress where this academy launches the biggest and the most complete Innovation Center of 3D Creation for Indonesia. The pupils will usually only learn about lots of theories without practice when they are in official education. In fact, only memorizing all the theories continually without practice, it may be able to turn off the side of creativity. Thus, Inspira.Academy triggers a different way to reach the main goal which makes the young innovators think creatively and innovatively. Not only memorizing the theories, but the young innovators will also practice directly and prove the theories that are able to apply in daily.

Educational Robot is also provided to be one of the students’ subjects. The collaboration of Educational Robot with 3D Creation makes the students have access to innovate. Inspira.Academy holds on to the STEAM curriculum which is to connect both. For the first time in Indonesia, Inspira Academy has built the Innovation Center to channel the creativity of young innovators. As a matter of fact, creativity is one of the required things to help young innovators in their innovation.


Supported by the complete facilities such as various kinds of 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, Educational Robots, Inspira Academy divides the disciplines into 3 constituents. Three constituents of disciplines are 3D Creation, Robotics, and STEAM. Inspira.Academy combines those disciplines with the objective of being able to attract and spur the young innovators to think innovatively and creatively so as to create works that can be useful to the surrounding life (Innovation).