Building Arts In Classroom

Inspira classroom has already considered that art is one of the parts in STEAM curriculum. It is because the arts have the ability of being a good connection between education field and digital manufacturing processes. This one part, the art, is also able to build good interaction between the teacher and the students in the class. Therefore, Inspira furthermore provides the great introduction to what is possible between this kind of technology and art. Thus, Inspira Academy decides to introduce both through 3D Creation and Robotics. Inspira has some instructors who are ready to teach you how the arts literally connect to 3D Creation and Robotics. According to the instructors, they even said that 3D Creation certainly needs some arts because this learning passes through the process of converting 2D drawings made on paper into 3D printed shapes (3D printing). In addition, Inspira always provides classroom collaboration which are the 3D Creation and the Robotic classes.

3D Creation Class

There are some lesson plans and activities that the students can follow in the 3D Creation class, such as:

  1. Introduction Class. The students’ activities are drawing and sketching
  2. Further Class. The students’ activities are photographing, converting, and printing.

There are also lesson plans and activities that they can follow in the Robotic class, such as:

  1. The instructors will give the introduction class by inviting you to assemble the Robots.
  2. For the further study, the students will start to control the Robots with a program.
Robotic Class

Those lesson plans will never be far to STEAM curriculum, especially the Arts. Duration of Lesson is about 2 hours in a day for a week. To prepare for the lesson, Inspira Academy will prepare all the tools that you need. So, what are you waiting for? Come and get your 3D arts with 3D Creation and Robotics here!