The new 3D Printing Academy is recently established in Kentucky, United States of America. According to Josh Snider’s article in MakerBot.com (2017), Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) helps to build the first 3D Printing Academy for girls in USA. YTF just collaborated with sister organization 3D Africa in the academy’s building process. The learning will rely on program, which utilize the suitable curriculum of CAD, 3D Printing, and an exclusively female group of mentors to train all girls.

The MakerBot Engineer and Project Manager, Sydney Dahl, represented MakerBot company to join 3D Printing Academy as the guest speaker. Warren Dunton, as MakerBot territory manager, was donating some printers because he was supporting this girl academy. Therefore, those printers are able to sustain the girls to have the best experience of 3D Printing learning. After the crash course, the mentors allowed the girls to create their own 3D models with 3D modeling programs like TinkerCAD, Rhino, and certainly Fusion 360.

These young girls are not only being equipped with valuable skills, the girls are suggested to make innovation through STEM. The lessons about entrepreneurship and business also bolstered this technical training, so that they have the other knowledge and confidence. Dahl gave technical and career advices to the ambitious young group. His speech was “the girls were left with a powerful examples of their possible future careers”. Some female engineers, technologists, and scientists also suggest the girls to reinforce core with STEM concepts.

Likewise in Inspira.Academy, we utilize the same concepts as well. However, there is a little bit additional concept, in which Inspira.Academy has Arts to be noticed. In other words, Inspira.Academy’s curriculum relies on STEAM concepts. The purpose of Inspira Academy apply this curriculum because 3D Creation and Robotics that the girls will learn here, are related to arts, too. Inspira.Academy emphasizes that all the creation was the artworks. Nonetheless, Inspira.Academy certainly has the same goal, which Inspira.Academy helps the girls to get a brighter career in their future life. That is a definition of very high-qualified next generation!


Source: Snider, Josh. (May 17, 2017). THE NEXT GENERATION: 3D PRINTING ACADEMY FOR GIRLS. Accessed on October 27th, 2017 from https://www.makerbot.com/media-center/2017/05/17/3d-printing-stem-design-academy-girls