A Lesson From MakerBot Education: Introduction to Some Parts of 3D Printer

Before the students get a further 3D Creation learning, which is collaborated with Robotics and based on STEAM, they will explore a bit parts of 3D printer. According to MakerBot In The Classroom (2015) that there are learning objectives in this introduction which are to understand how to set up a 3D printer, to be able to tell and explain key components of 3D printer, and to define its importance.

The followings are some terminologies that always become the important parts of 3D printer. One of the terminologies is Gantry. The Gantry is one of the parts, which is a pulley and belt system that moves carriage, while the Carriage itself is the part of the printer that carries the Extruder on the x and y axis. There is a Build Plate that is always to surface on which prints are built and the Filament is a material used to build your 3D prints. A “hot glue gun” of the 3D printer is called Extruder, which is usually used to help the filament draw out the layers of your 3D prints. Leveling also becomes the terminology of 3D printer that is usually to process and ensure the distance between the nozzle of the Extruder and Build Plate. Purge line is a terminology that functions to straight line drawn across the front of the Build Plate at the start of every print. There is a firmware that becomes the code installed on the printer’s hardware that allows it to operate and last but not least, a 3D Software, which is to design your 3D printing. 3D Software is an important part to prepare and manage your 3D prints. There are six (6) parts usually included in accessory kit, which are Build Plate Tape, The Extruder, Build Plate, Filament Spool, USB Cable, and Power Cable. As Inspira Academy refers to MakerBot book, so the instructor will lead the students know about some parts of 3D Printer such as MakerBot.

Hopefully, by giving knowledge of 3D printer to students that refers to MakerBot Education, they will get inspiration to make something innovative! Amen.

MakerBot. (2015). MakerBot In The Classroom: An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design. Brooklyn, NY: MakerBot Education.