A 3D Printed Fearless Girl

Fearless Girl (image: 3ders.org)

Fearless Girl, the famous bronze statue which was installed in Manhattan’s Financial District – stands down the Charging Bull statue, has been 3D printed by Kristen Visbal. By standing in a leadership position, the Fearless Girl describes a bravery of the little girl without seeing culture, age, especially gender diversity. The designer was using two technologies, which are 3D Scanner and 3D Printer, to make the replica through 3D Printing. Kristen Visbal who designed the original statue of Fearless Girl is creating 1,000 replicas of the statue as well. Visbal just had aim to make it as a limited sale. Now anyone can buy the miniature version of the Fearless Girl statue for $ 6,500. Visbal was using the 3D Scanner which was to scan the original statue of Fearless Girl, and then the data was transformed into a 3D model. For the material, Visba was using a vero photopolymer to 3D-print the miniature. Black granite and bronze are kind of materials that are used in the final when it will be on order and mounted. Visbal explained about the purpose of making the replica, which is said that the replica of Fearless Girl is to remind everyone that it is about empowerment and encouragement, and it refers to the collaboration between genders and culture as well. Visbal also emphasized that it is the enlightened path forward for smarter and stronger decisions. Even though that bronze statue got the issues because there are pro and contra, the Fearless Girl itself reportedly still draws attention many tourists. Since the Fearless Girl is placed to New York City, Visbal makes an effort to keep it stay there and continue to promote the power of having more women in leadership.



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