3D Printing for education grows in Europe, So does in Indonesia

A high school in Liepaja, Latvia, Baltic States just launched the new thing in education, which Rainis Secondary School No.6 opens first Makerbot lab to learn 3D Printing. The aim is to make students keep up with technology development where 3D Printing is one of many kinds in the technology advances.

Karlis Strautins, as School Director, gave the information that the school has introduced the foremost 3D Printing, Scanning, and Modeling laboratory adjusted toward education, where have some features. The features are 9 Makerbot 3D printers, 2 haptic devices for CAD, and 2 3D scanners. By providing all those tools, hopefully students get being interested in science and technical drawing. Likewise by giving a training to students, in which it starts with digital modelings and ends with physical objects, it is able to increase the students’ ability of using the future machine. In the lab’s opening ceremony, General Manager of Makerbot Europe emphasized his prediction about 65% of today’s students will work in jobs that don’t currently exist. 3D Printing company in Latvia which is Baltic3D, also predicts, “within five years, most of the world’s schools will have a 3D printer – but in that five years, some schools will emerge as being especially good at integrating the technology into the educational process and curriculum.”

Inspira.Academy wants to reach the same thing as Latvian School, which is to facilitate Indonesian students for learning 3D Printing with Makerbot, so that they are able to compete with others and have a new skill to get a job in the future. Thus, Makerbot is not only excited to see the Latvian school as a whole are moving fast, but also Indonesia. We hope that Makerbot also gets being excited to see us and this institute tries to keep moving forward, setting an inspiring action and instance for our own country.

This should be the first time for education in Indonesia, because we never get a 3D printing to be a learning before. So far, we have created a 3D printing class in Jakarta. The class is able to be followed by kids and adults. This would also be a good news for all creators in Indonesia, for they know that this learning guarantees their favorable outcomes.

Source: Snider, Josh. (May 9th, 2017). 3D PRINTING FOR EDUCATION GROWS IN EUROPE, LATVIAN SCHOOL OPENS FIRST MAKERBOT LAB IN BALTICS. Accessed on October 2017, from https://www.makerbot.com/media-center/2017/05/09/3d-printing-education-grows-europe-latvian-school-opens-first-makerbot-lab-baltics