3D Printed Glove: To Help Parkinson’s Patients

Image: 3ders.org - Western University
Image: 3ders.org – Western University

According 3ders.org, Tess told readers that Western University’s students in Canada just designed a specialized glove. They made it through 3D printing, so that the masterpiece is called as the 3D printed glove. Their masterpiece is made for the purpose of helping people with Parkinson disease. It will help the suppress tremors. Although the glove is still in its prototyping stage, is realized that the glove with the help of 3D printing technologies has potential to be commercialized.

The researchers and students from Western University hope that their 3D printed glove will be a piece of wearable technology that can actually suppress tremors or other muscle contractions caused by Parkinson’s. As Ana Luisa Trejos explained, as one of people who designed this 3D printed glove, the glove will bring them to get back to their daily activity which means they will be able to eat their own food, button their own shirt, or even draw. Trejos believes, by creating a glove, while suppressing their tremors with the masterpiece, it helps them to be much more independent in their own homes.

Seeing their 3D printed glove in 3ders.org, this masterpiece can be seemingly such an inspiration for 3D Creation and Robotic learning in Inspira Academy. As we already saw, the 3D printed glove is able to be the object to relate the 3D Creation and Robotic. On account of the glove’s shape looks similar with robot hand and the manufacture is processed through 3D printing.



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