XEV Will Release The 3D Printed Electric Car


An Italian company, X Electrical Vehicle which is known as XEV, is preparing their masterpiece that is presently being demonstrated at 3D Printing Cultural Museum (Shanghai) and following the exhibition at Auto China 2018 in Beijing. This report is already informed by 3ders.org that possibly would like to give a respect for the XEV’s 3D Printed Electric Car. It is such a kind of pre-event for XEV’s demonstration, while XEV seems like they just prepare for their mass production. The release is going to start at the end of 2018, where all the people right there will get the chance to see the almost entirely 3D printed vehicle.

By having a masterpiece which is the 3D printed car, XEV seems like really making use of the today’s technology. As Benedict wrote in 3ders.org, they just almost 3D printed a vehicle entirely (yet the chassis, seats, glass, and the mechanical stuff excluded). They already gave this 3D Printed Electric Car a name, which is LSEV and it weighs less than 500 kg that is more precisely just 450 kg.

According to 3ders.org, XEV have reported to them that their company already received around 7,000 preorders for its 3D printed vehicle. Thereupon, they have a plan to make the electric car fully available for purchase in the second quarter of 2019. They thank to 3D printing that helps them to make the total number of components in the car decreased from more than 2,000 to just 57. The reduction of investments costs are also reported, where it reduced around 70 percent.

The society is getting excited to wait for it, because the 3D printed electric car does not seem to have any link on internet or website to show the existence yet, which looks like a little bit mysterious. Probably, they are going to make further information about that when the Auto China 2018 is ready to begin.

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