3D Creation on Facebook

Image: 3ders.org
Image: 3ders.org

Facebook is moving forward, because today 3D printer users are able to share their 3D models/design with everyone on Facebook. Its news feed is the place that is used in order to share any 3D models/design. Thus, anyone who wants to make and observe the 3D Creation can also search for the 3D models/design here.

In the last decade, Facebook seems like a kind of online billboard. That turns into set of ads and links through their posts and photos. Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg and co. decided to make a special platform on facebook, in order to place the 3D models particularly. He, with his company, introduced 3D posts to news feed on facebook, so that the facebook users are able to see and post 3D models that can be rotated and viewed from all angles in the news feed.

According to 3ders.org, Facebook would like to grow up the 3D printing by letting the users see and post any 3D models there. For more information about 3D Creation on Facebook, just click here.


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