3D Creation and Robotics collaborated with STEAM

The interesting one are served for Indonesian people. Inspira.Academy has developed the education of 3D Creation and Robotics. It is the first educational center of 3D Creation and Robotics in Indonesia. Both are an exciting new projects in education field. The procedure that will be undertaken is a training on how to apply both of them, using the curriculum. Therefore, Inspira.Academy offers the Indonesian students to take the opportunity to produce their 3D creation and assemble the robots. Such as Inspira.Academy has a motto, which is ‘learning by doing’.

Inspira.Academy is able to be gathering of Indonesian creators. This academy delivers community the access to training and education around digital design and fabrication for learners of all ages and abilities. The educators will teach how to build 3D creation and Robot. On learning and training, those are mapped into Creativity, Technology, and STEAM. The technologies of 3D Printers that Inspira.Academy uses are FlashForge Finder and Makerbot. Jimu Robot is one of the Robotic types that is used to learn.

The reason that Inspira.Academy wants to be involved in 3D creation and Robotics was due to take the advantages of using these technologies. Some advantages that the students will get are capable of boosting creativity, working as a team, reaching the problem solving, collaborating, etc. Each of those advantages increase the skill that students need to progress. Especially, this academy is to make grow the students’ creativity.

Making 3D creation and Robotics accessible to schools is the aim of this project. Inspira.Academy wants to make both of them accessible to students and teachers who have an interest and enthusiasm. According to John Peto, the writer of 3D Printing at Northern Ireland’s Nerve Centre article, that we do not have to have any technical skills in 3D printing, all that is asked is that they have the ambition to learn and deliver an in-class project (Peto: 2017). Preparing students for job of tomorrow is also the main purpose of Inspira.Academy. As 3D printing is spreading within industry, Inspira.Academy wants to prepare the students for jobs within this field.


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