A World of Scanning at Your Fingertips

SCANIFY by Fuel3D is an affordable, handheld 3D scanner that captures the world around you in its finest and fullest detail. Perfect for product design, 3D printing, or on-screen applications like animation and games development, SCANIFY will expand how you think about scanning.

Using the latest in 3D scanning technology, SCANIFY is as easy to use as your digital camera. With the touch of a trigger, the two 3.5 megapixel cameras, three xenon flashes, and three LED guide lights will capture the object’s tiniest details in a full range of color.

Once your scan is downloaded to your computer, the provided Fuel3D Studio Starter software lets you tweak and edit the object. Its easy-to-use interface can take you from scan to 3D printer-ready in just 10 minutes.


  • High speed: capture a 3D image in under a tenth of a second.
  • High-resolution: capture incredible detail down to 350 microns.
  • Full-color: capture accurate 3D color as well as the shape of an object.
  • Versatile: export your scan in a range of file formats – STL, OBJ, PLY.
  • Calibration – pre-calibrated (no post calibration required).

Product Features

Unlock Your Universe

Right out of the box, SCANIFY captures 3D shape and color detail: down to 350 microns.


SCANIFY captures 3D images in an instant, taking just 0.1 seconds to take a single scan from a single viewpoint.


Pre-calibrated with a large scan area and fixed focus; captures a max size of 16 inch diagonal in a single scan.

Make the Right Choice for Your Applications

SCANIFY works best with certain types of objects. For the best results with your 3D scanner, look for objects with these characteristics: continuous and smooth surfaces, varying color or texture, matte surfaces, and opaque finishes.

SCANIFY is ideal for capturing the human form – feet, hands or faces. It also works well with stone and masonry, wood carvings, sculptures, and other organic objects.

As with all 3D scanners, SCANIFY works best with certain objects and surfaces. For the best results, avoid objects with cavities or protrusions, dark or mono-colors, reflective or shiny surfaces, transparent objects, or objects with sharp edges and corners.

For the best results, hold SCANIFY between 14 and 18 inches away from the object. The Fuel3D Studio software works best on Windows 7+ and needs at least 1GB of hard disk space on a 2GB, dual-core processor.

Product Specifications
  • Scan volume – approx. 8 x 12 inches in a single capture.
  • Scanning technology – fusion of stereoscopic and photometric data.
  • Operating distance – fixed at 14 – 18 inches
  • Product weight – 1.2 lbs
  • Light source – xenon LED flash bulbs.
  • Connectivity – micro USB cable.
  • Power requirements – AC power adapter.
  • Min. recommended computer specs – 2GB RAM, 1GB hard disk space, Dual-core processor.
  • Supported operating systems – Windows 7+ (32/64 bit, Mac OS (coming soon).

Everything You Need To Start Scanning

Using a combination of stereoscopic and photometric data, SCANIFY uses its two cameras, three xenon flashes, and three LED tracking lights for capturing highly detailed scans.

SCANIFY comes with everything to capture scans and edit them on your computer. Included in the box, you’ll get the scanner, three tracking targets, a USB transfer cable, the AC power adapter, a lens cloth, and a quick start guide to help you get scanning right away. You’ll also receive a warranty card and a free download of the Fuel3D Studio Starter software.

What’s in the Box?

  • Fuel3D scanner
  • Three (3) tracking targets
  • Lens cloth
  • USB data transfer cable
  • AC power adaptor
  • International AC adaptor connectors
  • Fuel3D Studio Starter software
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty card

Product Features

  • The world’s first scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging
  • Captures an accurate scan from a single point-of-view in 0.1 of a second. The Studio software provides the ability to stitch multiple scans together.
  • Capture amazing 3D models for one tenth of the cost of a comparable scanner
  • Get detail and color capture that you’d expect from an industry leading scanner
  • Fuel3D is a handheld camera unit which connects to your PC via a USB connection and a separate power source

Product Description

The Fuel3D handheld scanner is a point-and-shoot 3D imaging system that captures high resolution (350 microns) shape and color information of objects. Fuel3D is the world’s first 3D scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process files in seconds. The Fuel3D scanner works in much the same way as a normal digital camera literally point and shoot.

Make the right choice for your applications.

Objects with the following characteristics generally scan well with SCANIFY: continuous surfaces with smooth curvature; varying color or texture; matte, non-shiny surfaces; opaque finishes.

SCANIFY is great for 3D capture of the human form; fabrics; stone and masonry; wood carvings; sculptures; plants, flowers and other organic objects.

  • Objects with cavities or protrusions: where the scanner can only image what it ‘sees’ from its view point and cannot capture part of an object that is hidden behind another;
  • Very dark objects: where the object will absorb light from the flashes which lowers the amount of detail;
  • Mono-color objects: with no texture, which do not provide surface information for the scanner to work effectively;
  • Reflective or shiny objects: where light reflects off the surface to prevent accurate surface measurement;
  • Transparent objects: where light transmits through the surface to prevent accurate surface measurement;
  • Objects with sharp edges and corners: where the scanner will trend to smooth objects with geometric features with flat surface and sharp corners.